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Anonymous asked: You post nude pics and make nude videos and you cam, yet you belittle someone for jerking to it. "Jerking your dick all day" don't make nude shit if you wanna belittle someone for putting it to use. But that guy was dumb for telling you to give him your vids to edit tho

People will never not be giant contradictions. Hypocrites by design. Free will to change our minds every second of everyday. What is relevant? What isn’t? Individuals. Trying to lie to ourselves, my individual thoughts are all knowing and known to be proven fact because I thought them myself…therefore I am always right. I must now tell people when they are wrong and devoid them of free thinking.

Thank you for your ask. I needed an anon to tell me the meaning of life. 🙏

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Just some random boobies for you all <3 xoxo

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yes please

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We all know the interweb loves reddit.
And we all know the interweb looooves naked women.

So thank god they’ve come together and become the GodsGirls sub-reddit.

Now lets take a quick look at this little reddit tutorial:

First things first, make an account


Great job, now you can up vote your favorite photos and submit your own!

Spread the love, be nice, and hit that up arrow 


When submitting, follow the rules

  • Don’t be a douchenozzle
  • Don’t post other sites or selfies, only official GG photos
  • Don’t post any full sets, or links to full sets

You can host your favorite photos from your favorite GodsGirls photo sets by uploading them to imgur, another image hosting site, or by the image url to the photos on twitter/tumblr/fb


You’ve now become a part of the awesome GG Reddit community.

You can also post these photos in other reddits but to avoid becoming spam and posting the link to, put ” (xpost /r/godsgirls)” in the title. That way if they liked the photos, they know they can find more at the GG subreddit and from there they can find the website link!

Help us be a more active and fun reddit by posting, commenting, and up voting all your faves.

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Two great new videos! A long awaited head shaving one (no not all bald) and a JOI Booty Edition! Check them out at

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New videos to come this week!
  • JOI twerk
  • Crossdressing Pet
  • Forced Bi
  • Eating

Check out and for more details and video links!

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